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Corporate Website Price in Bangladesh

A corporate website often serves as the company's online representation, giving information about its products or services and contact with location information.

Besides, Corporate websites are usually business-specific and need a business-specific design that is visually appealing but also user-friendly and successful in expressing the company's message. Here we are, specializing in developing these types of websites, and we can build a website that fits those needs.

Corporate Website Design

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Packages for Custom Corporate Website

  • BDT 20,000 /One-Time
  • Website Type: Dynamic
  • Number of Pages: 5
  • Contact Form: Yes
  • Social Media: Yes
  • Design Type: Regular
  • Graphics: No
  • User Authentication: Yes
  • E-mail Service: No
  • Content Service: No
  • BDT 30,000 /One-Time
  • Website Type: Dynamic
  • Number of Pages: 5-10
  • Contact Form: Yes
  • Social Media: Yes
  • Design Type: Unique
  • Graphics: Logo, 1 Banner
  • User Authentication: Yes
  • E-mail Service: YES
  • Content Service: 1-2 Articles
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • BDT 50,000 /One-Time
  • Website Type: Dynamic
  • Number of Pages: 5-15
  • Contact Form: Yes
  • Social Media: Yes
  • Design Type: Unique
  • Graphics: Logo, 3 Banner
  • User Authentication: Yes
  • E-mail Service: YES
  • Content Service: 5 Articles
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Maintenance: Yes

Built-In Features for the Package


Business Specific


Social Integrated


SEO Optimized


Fast & Secured


Clean Codebase


Best UI


Responsive Layout


Custom Made


Corporate Website Features

Our Corporate Website Development Service Comprises the Following Features


Industry-specific websites

The industry-specific websites provide information about products and services relevant to the specific business field or industry. This type of website is essential in promoting product and services related information. Potential customers and business professionals tend to stay up to date by regularly visiting industry-specific websites.

Profile & Service Pages

Content for profile and service pages are essential parts that convey the company’s message and information about its products and services to the audience. The target audience might not clearly understand your business without profile and service pages. We can help you create exciting content that expresses your message, values, and missions and highlights your products and services.

SEO optimization

SEO is a process of improving a website’s visibility and search rankings. A well-optimized SEO-friendly corporate website can improve its online presence and increase organic traffic. You will get a SEO optimized website for search engines so you can reach more potential clients and improve your online exposure.

Social Media Integration

It's a process of connecting the website with social media platforms. It is an essential feature to increase online visibility. You will get Social Media tools and links integrated that allows businesses to increase engagement with the target audience.

Contact form

The contact form on the corporate website allows businesses to facilitate communication between website visitors and business owners. A user-friendly contact form as a valuable communication tool will be available with this service. This results in increased lead generation and more sales opportunities.

Landing Page Design & Development

It is the process of designing a page to convert visitors into leads. It is a must-have feature if the business wants to maximize the effectiveness of marketing efforts. We can create a well-designed and optimized landing page that can be a powerful tool to increase conversion rate and helps in achieving business objectives.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support are an ongoing process of ensuring that the website functions properly and securely. Without regular maintenance and support, the website might experience performance issues and security vulnerabilities. This service includes regular software updates and security patches to keep the website functional, secure, and up-to-date.

Live chat integration

A chat widget to this type of website is very beneficial that allows visitors to communicate with your company directly. This feature improves customer satisfaction, engagement, and higher conversion rates. A live chat feature will be integrated with this service.

Custom design and layout

Custom design and layout feature gives a unique and tailored look that aligns with the company’s brand. Without custom design, a website might look generic. We also offer a one-of-a-kind, professional-looking website that matches your brand and communicates directly to your target audience.

Benefits Corporate Website

A corporate website can help your business succeed and flourish by allowing you to reach new customers and successfully connect with them.

Easy to find

Customers can find related information easily in a structured layout through the corporate website. This ease of accessibility leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and improved business performance.

Competitive advantages

In today's digital age, having this type of website is critical for organizations since it gives various competitive advantages, such as cost-effective marketing and enhanced business credibility, that can make a substantial difference in their performance.

Easy for marketing and promotional campaigns

A business can launch marketing campaigns through its corporate website with ease. This convenience leads to increased customer engagement and sales.

Custom Design That Reflects Professional Image

A well-designed website can help your company project a professional image and differentiate itself from the competition.

Improved communication with Clients

This type of website lets you readily publish critical information about your products or services while providing a venue for client inquiries and feedback.

Increased credibility to Customers

This type of website can help boost your company's credibility and trust by providing a source of information and honesty.

Increased sales and revenue

Corporate website can function as an online store, allowing you to offer products or services to customers directly and grow your customer base.


This type of website can be a low-cost marketing and communication tool since it allows you to reach a large audience cheaply.

Act as a virtual Consultant

This type of website also can serve as a consultation service to a potential customer by providing products and services-related information, insights, and advice. This helps you look like an industry expert and build trust.

FAQs about Corporate Website

This type of website enables a company to establish a visible internet presence to a larger audience. It can function as a primary center for customers to learn more about the company and its offers and as a means for the company to engage with its customers and stakeholders.

The cost of creating this type varies considerably based on the site's size and complexity and the level of customization and functionality involved. Generally, a budget of 30k to 60k is usually sufficient for developing a website of this type, assuming it is not on a very large scale.

The timetable for establishing this type of website can also vary significantly based on the site's size and complexity. A simple corporate website may take a few weeks to create, whereas a more complicated site with specific functions may take several months.

Yes, this type of website can be optimized for mobile devices using responsive design techniques. This enables the website to adjust to the orientation and size of the device, resulting in a smooth and browser-friendly experience for visitors using a smartphone or tablet to view the site.

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